iRepack is the pioneer used mobile phone wholesaler in Spain. 

Since our foundation in 2010, we have been at the forefront of sustainability in the TELCO sector.  We have specialized in the purchasing and selling of a wide variety of mobile phones, ranging from obsolete and discontinued devices to DOAs, used, demo units, swap/seed, CPO and new models. 

Our passion for making the TELCO sector a more sustainable space has led us to expand our operations to more than 79 countries in five continents. 

This global presence has enabled us to be chosen as strategic partners by mobile operators, manufacturers and wholesalers with continental and even transcontinental reach.  

We buy stock that our partners are not able to sell, offering a comprehensive process that includes quotation, pre-payment and pick-up of products in any country. 

We work with all major manufacturers and maintain an inventory that encompasses low, mid and high-end devices, allowing us to offer tailored solutions and competitive pricing for our customers. 

In short, at iRepack we are not just a used mobile phone wholesaler; we are a sustainability enabler, a global partner and an innovation leader in the mobile phone industry. 

We are passionate about enabling more people from around the world to have access to more sustainable technology 

We are commited to making the process as simple and efficient as possible for everyone involved. 

Meet our management team


Marina Zaverkina

Commercial Director

Jose Nalban

Logistics Manager

We enable more people from around the world to have access to more sustainable technology.

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