Do you know what mobile phone Manufacturers, Wholesalers and Operators share in common when having stock that cannot be sold?

They all want to sell it 

fast and hassle-free


Find out how iREPACK can help you, and why since 2010, customers in over 79 countries trust us.


We buy used, lots, demos, new, broken… 

We quote without any commitment from your part.

We prepay the merchandise.

We manage all the logistics in the 5 continents.

We speak your language

We enable more people from around the world to have access to more sustainable technology.

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      Our purchasing process

      • We provide our quotation without any commitment from your part

      • We prepay the agreed amount

      • We pick up the goods from your warehouse

      What do we believe in?

      Reducing Waste

      Minimize the environmental impact of excess production in the mobile phone sector.

      Promote Sustainability

      Contribute to a more sustainable TELCO ecosystem by extending the useful life of mobile devices.

      Create Value

      Offer consumers access to high-quality smartphones at more affordable prices, while generating a sustainable return on investment for business partners.